Thomas – Four Years Later – Crucifixion

Note: I combined the pics of parts 5, 6, and 7 from the series called Thomas – Four Years Later by Dream Boy Bondage. If you haven’t read part 4 yet, click here.

Thomas was not granted a decent amount of rest since he was captured. Every minute had been filled with an agonizing experience, designed to leave not just a physical scar, but to penetrate his psyche with horrors of epic proportions.

These sadistic men had taken advantage of his vulnerability and manhood, feeling him up every chance they could get, shamelessly fondling his cock, and touching every inch of his body.

He wished at these moments that he shouldn’t have taken care of his own body, that he should have just wasted it away binging and drinking. Maybe if that was the case, he wouldn’t be able to find himself in this impossible predicament.

“Okay, Jared, I think the new slave has had enough warm-up.” That was the Stranger. Every time he interrupted the drone to stop his current activity, usually one that involved inflicting pain upon Thomas, the ensuing event had always been worse.

“Lay him down on the cross.”

010What cross? Were they planning to crucify him? The bewilderment had once again taken over. The words were, however, rational, and it didn’t take long for them to resonate with him. They really intended to crucify him since his suffering led from one to the other in their hands.

Thomas didn’t have the energy to object. When Jared worked on the winch that brought his hands down, unhooked his cuffs from it, then dragged him down on the floor, he just succumbed to it without as much as a slight struggle.

003The Stranger admired the image that unfolded in front him. Gazing at this gorgeous young man now secured on cross standing up right, there was no better sight right at that moment. The poor slave looked so good nailed to the cross.

The Stranger enjoyed using the cross as an instrument to inflict pain. It required little effort on his own part, and even his drone, to make the slave suffer. Once you secure the slave upon it and stand the cross up right, it would do its magic.

The poor victim’s struggles were sudden. The muscle strain in his arms would be sharp and intense as they bore almost his entire weight. Now if you secured the slave’s feet at an angle, the whole experience would worsen the effect of agony, just like what the slave was ostensibly feeling then.

019“Now pay attention, slave.” He abruptly commanded. “Jared here will start playing with your cock. You need to get it hard so he can stroke you. You better make it hard within two minutes or we will add two more hours on top of the eight that you are crucified.”

036Thomas couldn’t even believe what he just heard. These perverts wanted him to drive a fucking boner while crucified. He couldn’t even remotely think of something sexual. All he could think of was the pain shooting up his arms, and how to survive the eight hours!

“That’s not all. Once you get hard, Jared will continue to stroke you until you become desperate to cum. BUT…. you are not allowed to cum until I give you instructions to do so.”

Sick! These bastards were sick! Thomas was already done being terrified. What he felt then was anger towards these psychos who were treating him like a fucking toy. He would bide his time and find the perfect opportunity. When that time came, they would make him pay…most especially the Stranger.

“If you cum without permission, I will add two additional hours on top of the two hours added should you fail the first test of getting an erection within two minutes. Also, I will attach ball weights in the last two hours…Jared!”

Jared immediately went and touched his dick. He concentrated very hard to get his penis hard regardless of the immense pain that he was feeling in his arms and legs.

A minute passed.

Thomas set his mind to focus. He took his memory to the time that he was fucking his girlfriend before his capture. The trick worked. It didn’t take a few seconds for his cock to respond.

004“Very good, slave,” complimented the Stranger for passing his test of growing an erection.

Thomas was confident that he wouldn’t cum right away when they played with his dick. He just needed to focus on the idea that a man was fondling his manhood, and all sexual stimuli would disappear.

He, however, didn’t anticipate that they were going to use a vibrator and a massager.

When Thomas saw them, his hope floundered. He was not a stranger to the sensation of the vibrators and massagers. He had one during his college days at the dorm. The sensation was almost immediate. He just hoped that he could survive what these sick bastards were going to do to him.

Most importantly, he wished that he could hold up and not ejaculate prematurely. He just shuddered at the thought of two additional hours with weights dragging his balls down.

The games began.

When Jared relentlessly touched the vibrator to the tip of Thomas’ cock, he felt electrified, and the sensation drove him wild almost instantaneously. The drone had actually been an expert with timing. He knew not to overdo it or the slave’s dick would be desensitized, rendering it completely unresponsive.

This didn’t go past the Stranger. He admired the skill of his drone. Touching the slave’s dick with the massager long enough then retracting it. He saw the effect on the slave’s face as he tried to fight the urge to come. The Stranger couldn’t help but smile at that picture.

“Remember….if you cum before given the permission, the price is two more hours and weights attached to your balls.”

010Thomas was feeling elated. The sensation was becoming too much to handle. He feared that if Jared didn’t stop any time soon, he wouldn’t have the control to hold his cum. All he could think of then was to get that elusive release.

“All right, slave, you may cum.”

007At that moment Thomas felt a profound gratitude towards the Stranger. He knew how ironic that sounded given that he was the source of all of his current sufferings. He felt thankful, regardless, for now having the permission to shoot his jizz, and cum he did.

“Impressive that you passed both tests. At least now you only have to hang in there for eight hours.” The Stranger said. “Come, Jared, we can go check back on him later and see how he fares.”

017 035 040With that, they left Thomas to his own ministrations and let him find the ways to endure his crucifixion for eight long hours.

Author’s note: Check out the videos at Dream Boy Bondage! Seeing it while reading the story will definitely enhance your fantasy experience. 🙂

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