Thomas – Four Years Later – Part III

WARNING: This is a work of fiction inspired by the pictures of a series called Thomas – Four Years Later from a gay bondage fantasy site Dream Boy Bondage. If you haven’t read the second part, click here.

“Mmm….uggghh,” moaned Thomas. He was rousing from sleep but the ache in his body remained constant. The beating he took on his abs delivered by the robotic and sadistic Jared with the use of a steel rod might have left a permanent damage. He hoped to the saints that wasn’t the case. He intended to escape at the first chance. He just needed to spot that one opportunity.

006 005Thomas’ senses were now fully up and he realized then that he was standing, but the freedom to move around was scarce. The Stranger and Jared had made sure that his movements remained constricted.

At the moment they bound his hands behind his back, where the cuffs were attached to a thick steel chain hanging from the ceiling. Their sadistic imagination also ensured that he should wear a steel collar around his neck, where a short chain from the back led and attached to the steel chain from behind. This forced him to stand straight up, without much allowance to bend over.

010“Jared, I think you need a good work out. Why don’t you practice your punching skills?” The Stranger asked Jared.

By that time Thomas was already used to the monstrosity of the Stranger that a seemingly innocent question as such usually hid a level of cruelty aimed straight at him. He talked himself to remain calm and rational but the question loomed over him like a haunting nightmare.

015“Oh, and don’t hold back,” instructed by the Stranger. “The boy might as well get used to the treatment he will henceforth receive here.”

Jared appeared by the door, shirtless and wearing a pair of hard, rubber gloves. It wasn’t the kind worn by people training for recreation at the gym. It was the kind worn at a UFC fight match, designed to hurt one’s opponent.

Jared walked in front of Thomas and gave him a death stare.

“Please, no more. My body still hurts. I don’t think you’re a bad person, man. Just please don’t listen to him. He’s just using you.” Thomas implored.

017Jared looked as if the words just entered one ear and exited the other. His eyes looked hollow, as if the very life of humanity extinguished from inside. Jared caressed Thomas’ abs, but without as much as a brace for warning, curled his hands into a fist and punched Thomas hard in the belly!

018 023“Uhhhhhh,” was all Thomas could utter. He tried to bend over to overcome a little bit of the pain from the blow but the chain held him back, forcing him to remain standing and absorb the full impact.

“Yes, that’s a good job, my boy. You make me proud.” The Stranger complimented Jared. His voice was filled with mirth, thoroughly enjoying the whole spectacle in front of him.

025 Jared responded well to the Stranger, like a pet trained to please a master. And just like a pet who strives to please his master more by performing more, which in this case was to treat his victim like a tough punching bag, he continued to throw punches on the captive’s abs, and poor Thomas couldn’t even double over to minimize the pain. There was nothing he could do but to accept his brutal fate.

035 038Note: You can catch the videos on Dream Boy Bondage. The site is known to produce high-quality gay bondage themed videos. It’s worth checking out if you’re into that kind of stuff.

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