Thomas – Four Years Later – Part IV

Warning: This is a work of fiction inspired by the series called Thomas – Four Years Later from a gay bondage fantasy site called Dream Boy Bondage. If you haven’t read the third part yet, click here.

He felt like throwing up.

He couldn’t even remember how many times Jared hit him with intense ferocity. His position didn’t even help at all. Thanks to the chains that were strategically placed to ensure his maximum discomfort.

The beating stopped, and Thomas was a little bit relieved that they left him alone even for just a few minutes. It left him thinking what would happen next because he was not sure if he would still have the energy to endure it.

001Jared approached Thomas from behind and unchained one of his hands only, careful not to unlock the other, which would otherwise give Thomas a slight momentum to strong-arm him and flee. No, that wouldn’t bode well for him for the Stranger would ensure he paid dearly had it been the case.

Thomas felt his right hand freed and thought for a moment if he could use this bit of freedom as a leverage to attack Jared. He voted eventually against it because his left hand remained chained behind him. Even if he managed to throw a hard punch in the drone’s face, his left hand was still bound. That would just piss both the Stranger and his drone off, and they would delight in making him pay for it.

Jared lifted Thomas’ right hand high above his head and attached his wrist cuffs to the chain that ran from the ceiling. He then unchained the slave’s left hand, lifted and locked it next to his right hand above.

008This forced Thomas to stand on tip-toe. He felt the binding tight above his head. The drone also put a steel cuff around his balls, linked by a short chain that was attached to the long chain that ran from the ceiling from behind him.

034 037The drone chose a perfect angle that ascertained the prisoner’s discomfort. If Thomas slackened and stood flat on his feet, the short chain would tug hard underneath his balls. This would squeeze his nuts without reprieve unless he stood on tip-toe. Obviously the trick was to constantly stand on tip-toe if he didn’t want his balls crushed.

012 016“That’s just perfect. You’re becoming quite inventive lately.” The Stranger threw a bone at his pet, Jared. “There’s no better position for our prisoner here to take his whipping.”

Jared went to retrieve the flogger from the cabinet.

Thomas was not a stranger to the flogger anymore. He remembered his first time experiencing it from the hands of this sadistic duo.

Only this time his suffering would be amplified because he only didn’t have to brave through the flogging, but he must also maintain standing on tip-toe to protect his balls.

“Make sure his body’s warmed up before we lay him on the cross, Jared.”

It was the last thing Thomas heard before he felt the sting of the flogger behind him. He just prayed that he would still have the strength to go through this. His hope for escape then began to fade.

022 024Note: You can catch the videos on Dream Boy Bondage. The site is known to produce high-quality gay bondage themed videos. It’s worth checking out if you’re into that kind of stuff.

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