Timarrie Baker Becomes a Human Punching Bag and Feels the Prod!

Just look at this gorgeous ebony beauty! There’s something more mouthwatering than seeing one naked. I bet you’re going to easily wet your pants if you see one suffers and becomes a human punching bag.

Jared certainly doesn’t hesitate to practice his punching skill on poor Timarrie. All our lovely captive can do is squirm and grunt with every punch to his muscular abs and chest!

He thinks that it’ll be over soon once his captor gets tired. But how wrong he is! Jare’d just been warming up. The sadist just loves to use muscular young men as his punching bag because that is surely more exciting than beating the heck out of a lifeless punching bag.

Then, when the captive’s totally tired out, he’ll get him back up with the cattle prod!

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