The Toughest Day for the Bearded POW on Russian Captured Boys

One can only imagine the horrors of becoming a POW. That’s more terrifying when you become one in Russia. The Russian officials have a reputation for being tough when dealing with prisoners.

Take for instance this handsome, bearded, stoic, prisoner. We see the gruff and determined exterior of this man. We cannot also look past his apparent masculinity.

The pictures below are from the final video of this series that you simply cannot miss! The guy had been whipped, racked, and bastinadoed in the previous videos and he’s just magnificent to look at!

In the final draw, he finally lost some of his composure and that makes it more satisfying!

But who could keep the impassiveness if your genital’s being electrocuted?

We also get to see this manly beast hung upside down. We can only appreciate the sinews of his muscles as they strain from such an uncomfortable position.

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BeardedPOWFinal-1 BeardedPOWfinal2 beardedpowfinal3 beardedpowfinal4 beardedpowfinal5 beardedpowfinal6 beardedpowfinal7

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