Two Policemen Humiliated, Stripped, and Made to Stand Face-to-Face within Inches to Each Other

These two cops have made a huge mistake here on CFNMTV and now they’re filled with regrets. They followed a beautiful school girl into the building, thinking that they are going to get a score. They haven’t realized that they’re walking into a trap. These girls have a recording to attest to that and now they have no choice but to follow orders. They certainly have been blackmailed and they’re not going to risk it any further. They could lose their badge!

Now the girls are calling the shots. They egg the two cops on to remove their clothes. The cops obey despite their obvious discomfort at being manhandled. The girls start to giggle. They’re obviously getting excited at the turn of events. They have these two brawny, straight cops standing naked. One of them puts a leash on the cops necks and connects them with a short rope. They tie their hands behind them, forcing them to stand in parade rest showcasing their dangling dicks.

The girls demand that they stand, facing each other. The short rope has forced them to stand within inches, making it extremely awkward. The girls then instruct them to open their mouth. She then holds this plastic toy in between them and directs them to bite on each end. Not only are they naked standing so close to each other, they want them to probably even make out! It is beyond degrading and you can tell how much humiliation these policemen must be feeling.

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Watch these two straight, very masculine and muscular cops get humiliated only on CFNMTV!

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