Unruly Customer Becomes a Foot Slave

Tonight I’m sharing a throwback produced by HardKinks, and it’s something that foot fetishists will love!

Tyler Roding is a dominant nineteen year old made to discipline unruly behaviors. In this vodeo, he goes to the Attack Club to make some deliveries when he ran into some arrogant customer making a scene.

This is more than enough to put the underlying sub in his proper place–by the feet of his masters so he can worship them.

With the help of the club manager (portrayed by Mikel Bosco), Tyler overpowered the prick and stripped him off his arrogance–they made him lick their feet, spat in his face, and tied him on one of the poles then whipped him.

Quite a lot of punishments you may think, but this customer’s barely begun his own journey of being a foot slave!

Check out these photos out and the trailer!

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Catch the whole video only on HardKinks!

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