The Whipping Boy Part 9

This week on Dream Boy Bondage finally features a video of Tomas in one of the positions I prefer guys to be in. For BDSM or fetish lovers like me, DBB has modified a bit the way they restrain Tomas in an upside-down position.

Jared (the tormentor) locked Tomas’s wrists apart to the taut metal chain on the floor. The effect is to limit the victim’s movement while the whipping is delivered. Wicked, isn’t it? :-p

014 020

You can hear Tomas almost whimpering while he anticipates the torture he’s going to get from the impassive and cruel Jared. Here’s the close-up of locking his wrists to the floor.

And the whipping begins. The flogger does its job as it kisses Tomas’s bareback and front. Well, of course, that’s because of Jared’s unrelenting hits.

008 004

Lucky for us audience we get to enjoy the display of Tomas’s perfectly sculpted body and a glimpse at his dick swinging left and right. Locking his wrists is actually a brilliant twist because the limitation ensures that the pain he gets is multiplied. The poor lad can do nothing but take the pain in as Jared delivers the blows without such singular purpose.

031 037

You can even spot the flogger hitting Tomas’s dick. I wonder how painful that could be. 🙂

This is by far my favorite in this gay BDSM series. If you enjoy seeing male bodies fully stretched out, Dream Boy Bondage is one of the best out there. You should give it a try.


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