Young Sailor Ivan – Captured Again – Final

s_(560) s_(531) s_(507)Ivan, the popular male slave from Russian Captured Boys, is now in for a cruel round of torture: Bastinado! For those of you who drool over guys tied up in a certain way where the soles of their feet become the center of the torturer’s attention, you will surely do so after you see this gay fantasy BDSM clip.

The big plus is that it captures many shots of Ivan’s amazing body from almost every angle. The poor lad is no doubt in pure agony when the interrogator attacks the sole of his feet with a leather cane. Just look at Ivan’s face. Can’t you tell? 🙂

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When I mentioned earlier that we get to see excellent shots of the male slave, well the pictures speak for themselves. Now those are some wickedly astonishing welts on that amazing back! This is another BDSM winner from RCB.

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If you watched the previous bdsm clips featuring Ivan, you would have noticed that he tries really hard to remain stoic despite the tortures he has to go through. He also possesses that intimidating stare filled with pure hatred against his tormentor. Well he hasn’t lost that edge but he begins to give in and lose his “stoicism.” We get to hear Ivan react to the pain from this torture. 🙂

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When everything is set and done, the torturer moves to the leather couch and demands the male slave to stand at attention quickly. He then tosses a typical slave sack outfit towards Ivan and instructs him to wear them right away.  He’s obviously confident that he’s beaten this muscle stud into submission.

Of course it’s not enough for the sadistic torturer to inflict pain earlier. He has to flick that whip while Ivan struggles to get dressed, revealing that perfectly shaped torso of his, much to our delight. 🙂

There’s a fun twist here in the end….That look of hatred on Ivan is more than enough a clue you need to guess what it could be. If you want to know for sure, you can see the complete video and pictures on Russian Captured Boys. Enjoy! 🙂

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