Jeremy Spreadums – Slave Bottom Who Gets His Comeuppance

Jeremy Spreadums¬†has no problem turning heads. He also loves the attention. That’s why he gets all the high when people clap him after each dance. He loves grinding on stage and he loves getting the money.

Despite the thrill of being on stage, Jeremy loves to be disciplined even more. He’s fantasized in so long to be punished and beaten. Now, that wish will come true on Dream Boy Bondage.

My head’s been spinning and it feels like it’s going to split in half. He tries to move but he realized that he’s bolted against a wall. There’s a thick torque around his neck, attached to the wall and his hands are also bound on his sides.

He doesn’t know whether to feel happy but fear has suddenly overtaken. He doesn’t know who his abductor is but he’s about to find out. After all, his captor’s fantasized about him all this time…

What happens next?

Jeremy Spreadums Part 1 - 1 Jeremy Spreadums Part 1 - 2 Jeremy Spreadums Part 1 - 3 Jeremy Spreadums Part 1 - 4 Jeremy Spreadums Part 1 - 6 Jeremy Spreadums Part 1 -5

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