The Training of Slave Oleg – Part II – Russian Captured Boys

Slave Oleg has shown some rebellious streak, which has pissed off the Mystery Man. Now, he must wipe that away from the impertinent slave!

I love the blurbs that Russian Captured Boys put in their episodes. It sets the tone on how one should form their imagination. If I were to have a male slave harem in an alternate reality, I would not tolerate any disobedience or any show of defiance from a slave.

RCB also knows how to showcase the most erotic images to support their blurb. There’s something so depraved yet hot about a clothed man taking a shock wand to another man’s penis. It also makes for a scorching picture to see a man naked and tied up like Oleg in this episode.

Will Oleg finally learn his lesson once he’s disciplined?

TrainingSlave Olev-Part2-1

TrainingSlave Oleg-Part2-2

TrainingSlave Oleg-Part2-3

TrainingSlave Oleg-Part2-4

TrainingSlave Oleg-Part2-5

TrainingSlave Oleg-Part2-6

TrainingSlave Oleg-Part2-7

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