Farm Boy – Parts 9 & 10

In parts 6 & 7, we see our slave hunk getting worked up on the front side of his body. In these two parts featured on Dream Boy Bondage, we will see Nate’s back getting a serious workout…from the single-tail whip with matching spray of alcohol to sting. If you have that cruel streak, just like the old master in a DBB video, spraying alcohol is like eating dessert after a full-meal course. They just come hand in hand. If you’re on the receiving end of that, just like our slave boy here, then it may not all be roses and rainbows for you, but more like thorns and lightning. 🙂

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Nate’s the farm boy who has been unfortunate enough to be captured. Just like his predecessors, he has to go through intense rounds of training, going through grueling styles of torture designed by the old master and delivered mostly by Jared. In part 9, they’re determined to beat Nate into submission.

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After Jared and the old master alternated in whipping Nate’s back, then spraying it with alcohol to enhance the pain, you can see that Nate’s resolve is slowly withering. It’s only going to be a matter of time before he totally gives in.

038 019 020

Now in part 10, we finally see Nate’s fully submitted. The old master can be heard in the background asking if Nate understands that he is his slave. The poor boy meekly responds, “Yes.”

Now that scene is worth watching, even jacking off on. This boy has just the sexiest, most masculine voice.


The slave boy is then ordered to produce cum. Well, at this point Nate obeys without question.

024 026 031 036

I have to say that seeing Nate beat that dick of his while wearing the metal collar chained underneath the torture table is just plain hot. I can almost imagine living in a world with indentured slaves you can purchase just to see him in this exact position. 🙂

I particularly like when the mastered ordered Nate to put his hands over his head after he came. That’s just the perfect position a slave should be…a very submissive pose, indeed.

037 040

Watch the whole scenes on Dream Boy Bondage.

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