Jackson Fillmore Abducted by Two Pervs

I figured that I’m going to post a gay bondage throwback tonight.

I actually purchased this gay bondage clip on Kink On Demand myself. The film just captured every scene that you could find in my ultimate bondage fantasy.

Firstly, you have a cute all American boy Jackson Fillmore with the palest blue eyes ever coming home incredibly drunk. It must’ve been a night of endless libation for a young man like him, without as much care in the world and regard for his own safety. He failed to realize that he was followed…by two of the most perverted guys on Kink ever! :-p

37398_00337398_004Secondly, Jessie Colter and Sebastian Keys, the two pervs, staged the whole abduction scene very well. They both look dangerous, but hot, especially Jessie! They rendered Jackson Fillmore completely paralyzed in one of the most creative bondage contraption I’d ever seen! A web of threads that held our poor boy down so they could simply take advantage of his body, which they did!

37398_005 37398_008You have to see how Sebastian and Jessie sucked Jackson’s dick like a demented duo. Jackson must’ve been so frustrated for not being able to even move his hips in response to the maddening sensation caused by the talented tongues of Jessie and Seb. It was actually the deal maker for me. When I saw that on the trailer, I told myself I just need to have this scene so I can see the entire video!

37398_016Thirdly, they bound Jackson fully naked standing up with his hands high above his head then gave him a groundbreaking blow-job. I mean, that’s just wow! You put a hot guy in such a helpless position and you tease him with your tongue until he becomes oblivious to how dangerous you are, as he begs for you to let him cum!

37398_036And Finally, they hung him in mid-air, totally suspended with his arms stretched way above his head, with his legs spread wide apart. The poor lad, Jackson, looked so uncomfortable and I could just imagine the stress he felt then. Neverthless, each scene was a sight to behold.

37398_042 37398_048This particular film now belongs to one of my favorite Kink On Demand scenes ever produced on the site. If you want to see just this scene, you can purchase it with “kinks” on KOD, but if you want to check the entire collection of various scenes founded on a similar theme, check out Men on Edge.

The scene is called “Uncut cock uncontrollably cums while suspended in mid-air!” I’m telling you…if you get really horny just by looking at the pics I posted here, wait until you see the film. I bet you’ll have those hands down your crotch in no time. :-p

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