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Anthony stretches from the pleasure of being jacked
Gay Bondage Features

Anthony Tied to the Bed – STHJ – Spreadeagled and Naked!

January 26, 2017 0

On January 17, 2017, RAM Productions released the video of one of their hottest models, Anthony, tied spreadeagled on the bed on Slow Teasing Hand Jobs. There’s something so erotic here. It’s really an imagination completely personified. Just take a look at an older man getting his way with a younger, muscular hunk of a man as he’s tied up and rendered completely helpless. It’s almost surreal to see this […]

Gay Bondage Features

Big Muscular Officer Abducted and Strung Up

December 23, 2016 0

This week on BreederFuckers… Big muscular officer Brad wear his arrogance like a badge. Wearing the uniform of a sheriff has certainly inflated his ego. He walks into any establishment and he feels as though he’s entitled. Brad is certain the type that gets Adrian going. Whenever he sees someone carries himself with so much haughtiness, Adrian’s inclination is to bring him to heel. Adrian needs someone’s help though as […]

Gay Bondage Features

The Capture of Ian Greene to be a Sex Slave – Dream Boy Bondage

November 19, 2016 0

Dream Boy Bondage always features very attractive young guys. There are a few of them that really gets you going. That’s how I feel about Ian Greene. I actually want him to be my male slave! Ian’s training as a sex slave begins. He is tied down on a bench, almost naked. You can see his cock peeking out of tiny bikini briefs. From now on, he’s no longer allowed […]

Gay Bondage Features

Arrogant Prick Gets What’s Coming for Him – BreederFuckers

October 21, 2016 0

BreederFuckers is at it again! Now, they have their eyes set on the arrogant and homophobic prick, Lee. They knew that they had to have him trapped in their lair. Lee’s a one-day-millionaire. He earns money today only to burn them all out tomorrow. He then begins to hustle, walking his way around and even hurling insults to the gay community while at it. Yeah, a homophobic prick indeed. As […]

Gay Bondage Features

Mac Gets Attention on his Nips, Pits, and Dick on STHJ

September 13, 2016 0

Ah! I love it! Mac’s back on Slow Teasing Hand Jobs and I love finding him tied down on Rich’s infamous massage table. We last saw him getting a good beating on his ass the last time. Rich has the young man completely naked with hands tied over his head, completely helpless from Rich’s sensual assaults. Rich oils up his hands and starts to slowly feel Mac’s athletic body up. He explores […]

Bondage Roulette

From the Robber to Slavery – Part 2

RCB is known for their very stoic models. Despite the tortures that they have to go through, you barely see them lose their composure. In most cases, this is very appealing to many of us. We want men to act like men, even under extreme duress. There are times, however, [...]
Gay Bondage Features

Train My Husband – Porn Series

June 6, 2014 0

Okay, before anyone freaks out, this gay porn series focuses on a handsome, young man named Bryan. The theme centers on a relationship between husband and wife in a make-believe world that men can be put in a disciplinary center when they fail to fulfill their husband duties. Bryan is the poor guy who has to go through rough corrective actions to shape him up as the ideally submissive husband. […]

Gay Bondage Features

Rent-A-Body II – Veniamin II

March 18, 2014 0

RCB has just posted the second clip of one of my favorite models on this gay fetish website — Veniamin! Gosh, how I love him. Just look at his gorgeous face, contorted in clear agony. […]

Gay Bondage Features

The Twink Abducts the Muscle Stud in “Street Fighter” – Part 2

July 7, 2015 0

Let see what happens in the games between the twink and the muscle stud on Bound Up Boys! When you have a muscle stud within your control, the best thing to do is to hang them on their tip toes so they’re on full display in all their glory. In this manner you can also appreciate their bodies that they have honed into perfection. That’s pretty much what happened between […]

Gay Bondage Features

Rough Trade: TitanMen exclusives David Benjamin & Nick Prescott with Dirk Caber, Adam Ramzi & Dolan Wolfe

June 15, 2016 0

When I saw this video, I told myself that I need to blog about it, so here it is! This is part of an exclusive series called Rough Trade on Titan Men featuring the hottest daddies and bears, David Benjamin, Nick Prescott, Dirk Caber, and Dolan Wolfe, plus the super hottie Adam Ramzi. If you’re big on fisting, pissing, and sling bondage, then this is a treat for you. This […]

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