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Military Intelligence Officer – Part I

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Dear Porn Lovers,

I have one way to describe this scene: Evolutionary! Now, I’m not exaggerating. I think what elevates this quality bondage video from Russian Captured Boys is its nuanced approach to delivering pain from the part of the torturer, as well as taking it on the captive’s part. The reaction is very real. You can spot the involuntary shaking after the captive had taken quite a beating with the dreadful stick. […]

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Training of Slave Petr Part II – Shibari Bondage

February 6, 2018 0

Shibari style bondage is probably my least favorite. To each his own, as they say. Every now and then, however, I get drawn to a shibari bondage video when it’s beautifully done and if it features a very handsome young man like Petr. Petr is one of the sexiest models I came across on Russian Captured Boys. He has a combination of exotic and mainstream looks, and he expresses and […]

Gay Bondage Features

Connor Halsted Fully Stretched Out on the Rack!

January 12, 2018 0

The clip opens up with Connor lying on the rack, arms raised above his head. We see him breathing heavily, indicating that he had already suffered a lot from Jared’s hand previously. If there’s a man that can easily give you an instant boner just by looking at his glorious and perfect body, that’ going to be Connor Halsted! I literally cannot count the times that I’ve jerked off to […]

Gay Bondage Features

Timarrie Baker Becomes a Human Punching Bag and Feels the Prod!

December 8, 2017 0

Just look at this gorgeous ebony beauty! There’s something more mouthwatering than seeing one naked. I bet you’re going to easily wet your pants if you see one suffers and becomes a human punching bag. Jared certainly doesn’t hesitate to practice his punching skill on poor Timarrie. All our lovely captive can do is squirm and grunt with every punch to his muscular abs and chest! He thinks that it’ll […]

Gay Bondage Features

The Toughest Day for the Bearded POW on Russian Captured Boys

November 20, 2017 0

One can only imagine the horrors of becoming a POW. That’s more terrifying when you become one in Russia. The Russian officials have a reputation for being tough when dealing with prisoners. Take for instance this handsome, bearded, stoic, prisoner. We see the gruff and determined exterior of this man. We cannot also look past his apparent masculinity. The pictures below are from the final video of this series that […]

Gay Bondage Features

Nick & Terry Caught Red Handed at the Park Toilets

November 14, 2017 0

Hot young, gay men like Nick may find themselves looking for actions at the park toilets every now and then. That’s also true when this toilet is quite infamous for being a pit stop for horny, muscular men looking to have a good time. It doesn’t take long before a man approaches Nick and the adventure begins! It’s just going to be one of the few men he’s looking to […]

Bondage Roulette

Football Star Trey Becomes the Master’s Toy – Part III

Note: If you haven’t read part II of this gay bondage tale inspired by Bound Up Boy’s Master’s Toy series yet, click here. The vision in his dream was clear. He was walking down the beach with a beautiful girl. He held her hands and strolled down the sandy shore [...]
Non-Gay Bondage

Model Blackmailed, Further Humiliated on CFNM

July 16, 2016 0

We now know that the model’s name is Ray. He first responded to an ad looking for a male model only to be duped into doing something else. He got so pissed at the woman but knew that she got him by the balls then. Now the blackmail has gone up a notch here on CFNM. The women have gathered enough evidence to make this fine man become their sissy […]

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The Recruitment of an Employee

October 15, 2015 0

I always mention that one of my favorite bondage sites, Russian Captured Boys, features full nudity scene once a month. Since I was temporarily out of commission for a month, I will combine all three scenes in this post to share this sizzling hot scene with you guys. Like anything else, the pictures are terrific, but watching these hot bondage videos is simply incomparable and a MUST! For instance this […]

Gay Bondage Features

Football Star Trey Becomes The Master’s Toy – Part I

June 21, 2015 0

Warning: The following short story is a work of fiction and may contain themes such as bondage and dubious consent that could offend someone. Also, do not continue if you are under age. The story was also inspired by the bondage series called Master’s Toy that you can watch on Bound Up Boys. Trey strolled down the school parking lot and made his way to his class. That was all […]

Gay Bondage Features

Kris Blent Gets Pounded by Hung Ashton Bradley on Boynapped

July 9, 2016 0

Ashton Bradley gets to play with another twink on Boynapped.¬†Kris Blent has been tied down tightly in some complex rope contraption, perfect for a horny and hung sadist like Ashton! The dom boy gets down to business, playing with this twink’s hole and then inserting his boner leaking with pre-cum. He then face-fucks Kris, which makes him choke and gag. That’s still better than the ass fucking he gives the […]

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