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A Thievish Slave – Part II

by Queer Bee in Gay Bondage Features 0

This is part 2 of my impression on Russian Captured Boy’s A Thievish Slave. If you haven’t read the first part of this bondage short story yet, click here. The thievish slave had a name. [...]

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Slave Zhenya Captured Again on RCB

August 29, 2017 0

Every time that Russian Captured Boys features Zhenya, I’m there to watch every single thing about it. He’s so darn sexy! The guy simply likes getting helpless. He craves pain or maybe he gets off on being tied up. That works for me and I imagine for many of us! haha! His return doesn’t disappoint because we get to see his gorgeous body hanging like a piece of meat ready to process. When […]

Gay Bondage Features

Young Captive Vadim on Russian Captured Boys

July 11, 2017 0

Look at this post from RCB. You have a young man that almost looks like a college freshman, or even an athlete, trying to make a buck by responding to an ad for a male model. You then have him followed and then your guy spotted him by the bus stop in an isolated area. As he gets off the bus, he walks down an isolated alley without any care […]

Gay Bondage Features

Chris Rimmed and Slowly Sucked on STHJ

June 20, 2017 0

Slow Teasing Hand Jobs is far from being a hardcore gay bondage site. In fact, it’s mostly about edging. The guys being featured are hit or miss for my taste. I’m sure you also have your favorites and those that you don’t care about. I like videos where a guy is tied up and sucked off. There’s something so sexy and erotic about it. I particularly love Chris. I like […]

Non-Gay Bondage

Slow and Intense on Slow Teasing Hand Job

June 6, 2017 0

Every now and then, SlowTeasingHandJobs features a hot young man that makes me stare at the screen and drop my jaw. Clark definitely has that effect on me. Look at that face! Look at the way he makes it, the way he squints his eyes and moves his lips just leaves me wanting to see him fully naked. Richard doesn’t disappoint and what a lucky bastard for getting his hands all […]

Gay Bondage Features

Triple Humiliation Features this Week – CMNM, CFNMTV, and CFNM

May 19, 2017 0

On CFNM, foreign student Alex Dobrovolski thought that he’d be able to come out of this nightmare that he got himself into. Two very aggressive email had strapped him against a wall and tied him up. They stripped him of his shirt and he felt totally humiliated. Ms. Corefuterex, the instructor, enters and Alex felt relieved for a moment, only to realize that the instructor approached him and ripped his underwear […]

Bondage Roulette

Football Hooligan in Slavery – Part I

WARNING: The following short story is a work of fiction inspired by the series called Football Hooligan Slavery on Russian Captured Boys, a bondage fantasy site. It may contain language and images only intended for mature audience. The featured model is at least 18 years of age. The ache was [...]
Non-Gay Bondage

Kenny Gets it Harder on His Ass – Reluctant Young Men

August 10, 2016 0

Kenny had been featured two weeks ago in a spanking video on RYM. He’s back because he needs fast cash so he’s willing to submit to almost anything. Rich uses that as a leverage to get what he wants out of the young man. The handsome young man is undeniably anxious and afraid, but he has very little choice. Rich wastes no precious time so he gets the lad on […]

Gay Bondage Features

Scotty Zee Teased to Insanity on Men on Edge!

June 7, 2016 0

Men on Edge is totally one of my favorite sites in the Kink world. This week the spotlight is on Scotty Zee. In case you’re wondering, here’s a quick stat for him according to Kink: Height: 6’0″ Weight: 165 Gender: Male Hair: Brunette Body type: Swimmer build Sexual Role: Versatile Scene Role: Bottom Pubic Hair: Unshaved Cock Girth: Normal Cock Length: 7″ The production and set are pretty good. That’s […]

Gay Bondage Features

The First Medical Experiment – Part I

May 25, 2015 0

I’m quite happy to feature videos and pics from Russian Captured Boys again. This is by far on top of my most favorite gay bondage pay sites out there. The niche that they have established is unlike anything I’ve seen before, and pretty much everything I look for in a site. Now the model below had already been featured on RCB before. You can either check out the older clips […]

Gay Bondage Features

Cabin Series 3

May 7, 2015 0

The Story of Lust and Betrayal.

The Cabin Series from Bound Gods is a must watch if you’re a big fan of guys being fucked while tied up. In this part the main spotlight goes to Logan Vaughn. Now everyone loves a blond hunk, especially when you ram your dick into his mouth and render him completely helpless. […]

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