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Anthony stretches from the pleasure of being jacked
Gay Bondage Features

Anthony Tied to the Bed – STHJ – Spreadeagled and Naked!

January 26, 2017 0

On January 17, 2017, RAM Productions released the video of one of their hottest models, Anthony, tied spreadeagled on the bed on Slow Teasing Hand Jobs. There’s something so erotic here. It’s really an imagination completely personified. Just take a look at an older man getting his way with a younger, muscular hunk of a man as he’s tied up and rendered completely helpless. It’s almost surreal to see this […]

Gay Bondage Features

Big Muscular Officer Abducted and Strung Up

December 23, 2016 0

This week on BreederFuckers… Big muscular officer Brad wear his arrogance like a badge. Wearing the uniform of a sheriff has certainly inflated his ego. He walks into any establishment and he feels as though he’s entitled. Brad is certain the type that gets Adrian going. Whenever he sees someone carries himself with so much haughtiness, Adrian’s inclination is to bring him to heel. Adrian needs someone’s help though as […]

Gay Bondage Features

The Capture of Ian Greene to be a Sex Slave – Dream Boy Bondage

November 19, 2016 0

Dream Boy Bondage always features very attractive young guys. There are a few of them that really gets you going. That’s how I feel about Ian Greene. I actually want him to be my male slave! Ian’s training as a sex slave begins. He is tied down on a bench, almost naked. You can see his cock peeking out of tiny bikini briefs. From now on, he’s no longer allowed […]

Gay Bondage Features

Arrogant Prick Gets What’s Coming for Him – BreederFuckers

October 21, 2016 0

BreederFuckers is at it again! Now, they have their eyes set on the arrogant and homophobic prick, Lee. They knew that they had to have him trapped in their lair. Lee’s a one-day-millionaire. He earns money today only to burn them all out tomorrow. He then begins to hustle, walking his way around and even hurling insults to the gay community while at it. Yeah, a homophobic prick indeed. As […]

Gay Bondage Features

Mac Gets Attention on his Nips, Pits, and Dick on STHJ

September 13, 2016 0

Ah! I love it! Mac’s back on Slow Teasing Hand Jobs and I love finding him tied down on Rich’s infamous massage table. We last saw him getting a good beating on his ass the last time. Rich has the young man completely naked with hands tied over his head, completely helpless from Rich’s sensual assaults. Rich oils up his hands and starts to slowly feel Mac’s athletic body up. He explores […]

Bondage Roulette

Gay Bondage Features

The First Medical Experiment – Part II

May 26, 2015 0

The muscular, beefy model is back for part 2. Now the Russian Captured Boys producers deemed it necessary that in order for him to earn the cash, which he desperately needed, he must go through a round of corporal punishment. At that point the beefy dude had no other choice but to comply, did he? Even if this was quite dreadful for him, the need for cash outweighed the dread […]

Gay Bondage Features

The Trainer for Sargeant – Part I

June 1, 2015 0

If you must know, the Sargeant appeared in a couple of Russian Captured Boys videos. In the newest flick, we get to see him working with a muscular trainer, sporting a tight shirt with “CrossFit” written in front. At this point we wonder if the Sargeant would go through some challenging times, but the twist later on revealed that the muscular trainer would actually be the unlucky subject to feel […]

Gay Bondage Features

Rent-a-Boy – Andrei – Part II – Sixth Frontal NUDITY Model

July 14, 2015 0

Remember this scorching male escort from Part I? The Russian Captured Boys team even had to haggle with him because they were simply not interested in sex but rather submit his body to pain and suffering. Well, now he’s back to endure suspension with just a metal pole for support. Will he be able to survive this agonizing challenge? With his athletic body, one could easily bet that he would…however, […]

Gay Bondage Features

Fit New Boy Billy Gets Used on Boynapped

August 19, 2016 0

This week on Boynapped… Billy is an athletic young man with an air of arrogance about himself. He’s very good-looking and that may be the reason for his bravado. Master Sebastian Kane knows the danger of leaving that unchecked, so he makes sure that these boys remember their place within his dungeon. Master Sebastian ties him up the scaffolding, punches then wanks him until he shoots his load flying in […]

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