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It’s been years since I first saw Avery’s videos on Club Amateur USA. Instantly he’s become a favorite, almost an obsession actually. With thousands, if not millions, of gay porn floating on the net, it’s rare to pick a few that you’d watch all over again but do not fail to turn you on regardless of how many times you’ve seen them. That’s the case with Avery’s videos.

Well, one thing’s for sure. Avery’s extremely responsive to every touch, caress, lick, suck, that you feel as though you’re in the same room as he while being pleasured. The man also has the sexiest pair of greyish blue eyes that I’ve seen. Well here are some pictures for you to start with. 🙂






Now what did I tell you about the eyes? Gorgeous, aren’t they? 🙂



One thing I like about CAUSA is this part of many videos. Casey (the lucky guy touching Avery) makes them go on their knees on the elevated mattress and he starts either jerking or sucking the guys off. There’s something so erotic about this position. Maybe it’s just me. What do you think?





Quite honestly in many gay porn, a prolonged blow-job can get boring but not with how things are going on here with Avery and Casey. You’d be so turned on by Avery’s every grunt and moan from Casey’s talented mouth and hands.




Naturally with all the sensations Avery’s getting, it only leads into one powerful explosion. That scene is so hot that it could leave an imprint on your brains, and you can replay the scene in your head that would surely get you one solid erection. 🙂


Watch all of that just on Club Amateur USA. There are three other Avery videos and photo sets you’d definitely want to see. 🙂


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