Farm Boy – Parts 6 & 7

Okay, we first saw Nate suffering through different rounds of whipping in Parts 4 & 5. He had been featured tied up, standing on tip toes while Jared delivers the whippings. In Part 6 & 7, we will get the chance to appreciate Nate’s amazing body while spreadeagled on the table. He’s about to taste the sting of the single tail while rendered helpless lying on his back.

What makes him more appealing (and hotter!) is his deep, virile voice that could turn on even the most masculine of gay men as he begs for this tormentors to let him go and stop inflicting the pain.

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After Jared feels Nate’s body up, he’s now ready to rain the single tail on the farm boy’s helpless body.

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Look at those beautiful welts, now decorating the front side of Nate’s spectacular body. Isn’t that just a sight to behold?

Well, that wraps it up for part 6.

In part 7, Nate only gets a tiny reprieve before his limbs are spread widely apart once again. This time he’s about to get electrocuted with the violent wand.

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When the Jared’s finished with the wand, the master of the house takes over and feels up Nate’s sore body, much to the farm slave boy’s disgust. Once again we hear Nate’s deep grunts and moans in a futile attempt to disengage the touch.

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