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Men is giving us another sizzling clip. Hot gay porn daddies Dirk Caber and Billy Santoro team up in this porn series. The theme is obviously about the mysterious “neighbors.” In this first part we do not get to see the twinks yet but we are in for a treat with a round of sweet fucking between our favorite gay porn daddies as they each gives the other head and fucks the bejeezus of the other.


I mean just look at Billy Santoro’s face as he enjoys the sensation of Dirk’s very talented mouth serving as a scabbard to his sword. Well, only in here the sheath does move on its own sliding up and down.


Gay porn daddy Dirk obviously didn’t do it purely from the goodness of his heart. He apparently expects Billy to deliver as much as he enjoys getting it.

Now that’s how you suck a cock! I’m sure a little bit more and Dirk’s cock will not be seen anymore as it gets trapped within Santoros’s hot, velvety mouth.


For those who have foot fetish, need I say more? Santoro’s lapping up that foot as though he’s scooping up an oyster out of its shell.


Well a regular gay porn wouldn’t be complete without one actor getting rimmed. That’s just plain tradition in our carnal world and the scene won’t ever disappoint. For Dirk Caber fans (and I mean a lot of you!), you’ll get to have a treat as our porn daddy enjoys a tongue drilling into his hole.

NeighborsDMH12 NeighborsDMH14

Who wouldn’t want to finish what happens next? I will definitely post the next part with the twinks!

You can catch the first scene on

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