Uncut Stud Edged Beyond His Limit in Stocks on Men on Edge

Cody Winter is a bondage vanilla. This makes him a very good model to feature on Men on Edge. Newbies tend to be very sensitive to almost anything. They don’t know what to expect next so they react with a hard-on from the simplest touch.

Sebastian Keys knows that and he intends to exploit Cody’s “newness” to bring him to the edge until he think’s he’s going mad. He takes Cody to the dungeon and the games there begin. He has put the new sub in many positions that left him helpless. This sub needs to understand that feeling before he can hope to explore other aspects of BDSM.

Sebastian also needs to see how the boy will hold up while he ties him down spreadeagled and teases his cock with his tongue and mouth. I guess there’s nothing left but to try.

CodyBeyondLimits1 CodyBeyondLimits2 CodyBeyondLimit3 CodyBeyondLimit4 CodyBeyondLimits6 CodyBeyondLimit5 CodyBeyondLimits7

See Cody Winter’s break-in as a sub in the mysterious world of BDSM only on Kink Men!

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