Rent-a-Body 5 – Mikhail – Part 2 on Russian Captured Boys

I didn’t have much enthusiasm when I had featured this Russian Captured Boys series two weeks ago when they had Mikhail hanging upside down. This week they’re whipping the heck out of him. It’s also an intense round of whipping. I think Mikhail has pissed off the RCB boss with his arrogance. The boss has taken it as a challenge to his authority. He instructs his overseer to intensify the whipping. At one point he even asks Mikhail if he could bear the full fifteen minutes of non-stop whipping. Mikhail just haughtily responds, over-confident that he could. When the overseer gets a little enthusiastic with each stroke, I don’t think Mikhail has anticipated that. The smirk disappears from his face because he’s ridden with so much pain.

WAH_(1) WAH_(3) WAH_(8) WAH_(9) WAH_(21) WAH_(23) WAH_(26) WAH_(39)

Watch Mikhail’s arrogance disappears under the whip only on Russian Captured Boys!

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