Young Captive Vadim on Russian Captured Boys

Look at this post from RCB. You have a young man that almost looks like a college freshman, or even an athlete, trying to make a buck by responding to an ad for a male model. You then have him followed and then your guy spotted him by the bus stop in an isolated area.

As he gets off the bus, he walks down an isolated alley without any care for his safety whatsoever. He’s too arrogant to think that danger will not come to him. Then your lackey ensnares him. That places a smile on your face. :-p

We all know that’s all fantasy but having such a potent imagination can sometimes be fun, especially if it involves the very attractive and young Vadim.

As soon as you have him within your control, you think of ways on how to play with your new toy. Do you rough him up or do you have one of your muscle men do it?

Do you let Vadim feel the scorching lick of melted candle wax or do you suspend and whip him?

As you transport yourself into the world of endless possibilities, let me show you what your imagination looks like.










++Russian Captured Boys++

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