Captured Paratrooper – Final – Full Nudity!

My gosh! I don’t even know where to start. I have no doubt that the Captured Paratrooper series is most likely the best series so far here on Russian Captured Boys. There’s no hotter model who’s gone through full nudity on this site. Every scene in this last installment just triggers lust in me. This model’s just too damn hot!

We’ve previously seen him in Part 2 at his breaking point. After submitting to the unforgiving nature of the rack, the silence and portrayed indifference of this paratrooper had crumbled. He was forced to reveal his mission. But his captors had other ideas in mind. They wanted to turn him into a full-fledged pain and sex slave!

We see all of the things that they are capable of doing to this muscular paratrooper. The scene starts off with this guy lying on the floor complete naked! There’s a good shot of his beautiful penis.


The overseer then approaches and cruelly wakes him up. He orders the slave to stand at attention and begin his drastic workout. He does a push-up, then a sit up, then jumping up, once in every repetition. I can only imagine how tough it is to keep up with the reps. Of course, the overseer enjoys seeing the slave struggle.


After he’s finished, the overseer cleans him up with a mop! Just like how you treat the lowest of the slaves that only we can muster in our wildest imagination.

foto_6213 foto_6255

This demigod of a slave goes back to his stoic nature, or maybe it’s his submissiveness this time to follow every order. Despite it all, he maintains a certain level of dignity and I think this is what makes this fucking video hotter. The hot model has become unquestionably hotter.

foto_6140 foto_6337

After that demeaning washdown, the overseer ties up the hunky slave against the metal railings with arms spread apart. The doctor comes over. The slave will submit to forced milking. As his life of slavery begins, he must learn to cum on demand. The new slave has struggled with this new requirement. The doctor explains that if he fails to do this, he will be forced to use his “device” to punish him.

foto_6395 foto_6429 foto_6701

The slave fails to ejaculate so the doctor retrieves his equipment and applies the electrodes to the slave’s cock. As the doctor delivers jolts of electricity, the slave can only scream to offset the pain. He screams at the top of his lungs and we can only imagine the degree of pain that he’s suffering.

foto_6907 foto_6938

He begs the doctor to stop. The pain’s apparently too much! But the doctor only explains that only when he learns the lesson to cum on demand will it stop. The slave will stay hanging up there all night for tomorrow a new day of agony begins… You have to hear this part as it’s probably one of the most remarkable parts of this slave video. 

To see the entire video, go see it at Russian Captured Boys!

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