Captured Worker – Part 1

Russian Captured Boys has gotten better and better through time. I remember the days when they were just starting out, all they had on were collections of different photos of men in bondage. It was almost like a tease. When I first came across this BDSM site way back then, I even had to ask for a refund when I didn’t encounter any gay bondage videos or clips. Now, of course, is a totally different story. Not only do they produce high-quality BDSM videos, but they also feature some of the gorgeous male models you can find on the net!


Just take a look at this week’s soon-to-be victim. He has the qualities of a male model that could make you activate an erection just by looking at the face, that facial expression.

So in this particular gay bdsm clip, The two tough-looking men wearing their signature sunglasses ask that they test the winch. They volunteered our poor worker, who gullibly agreed without knowing what lies ahead for him.

MA_(126) MA_(130)When the man with sunglasses ripped his white tank open, the poor lad became so confused and angrily said to the men that this was not the game he signed up for, as if the two tough men cared one bit what he thought.

And then his torture began…

MA_(186) MA_(216) MA_(191) MA_(197)The whipping here is really intense. You can tell that the poor boy is in so much distress from hanging by his wrist with that weight tied to his ankle¬†while taking the beating like a man should. Well, it doesn’t disappoint because our muscle victim maintains a stoic front, but you can tell he tries very hard to keep that tough front.

MA_(220)After a couple of more hits, the stoic front finally crumbles.


After several beatings, our poor boy passes out. Those red, angry welts look quite fascinating on that fine torso of our whipping boy this week.

Is it me or doesn’t that guy in black look far too happy feeling up those torture marks? What a sadistic bastard! ūüėČ

++ RCB ++

MA_(718) MA_(784) MA_(765)You can watch the complete high-quality BDSM video  only on Russian Captured Boys.

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