Gay of Thrones – Part 2

Last July 4th, we all saw the launch of the gay porn series Gay of Thrones on In Part 1, we saw the parody between Khal Drogo and Khaleesi. In this week’s version, the producers picked out a very interesting scene from season 1 of the famous HBO show.  Gay porn stars Dato Foland, undeniably portrays Renly Baratheon, while Paul Walker plays Loras Tyrell.  If you follow the actual show, you’ll unmistakably recognize that hot scene.  For to select that remarkable scene and turn into this hot gay porn parody is like a treat to a cotton candy in an amusement park. SWEET!

Dato Foland looking smokin’ hot below.


And Paul Walker equally hotter!


The scene starts with Paul shaving Dato the old-fashioned way. Paul’s accent gives us the realistic feel from the actual show when Loras was taking care of Renly.


There’s really a magnetic chemistry that exists between these two porn actors. Dato’s smoldering gazes were deliciously hovering on Paul as if his mind was already planning what would happen next… in bed.

GayOfThronesPart2DMH12 GayOfThronesPart2DMH11 GayOfThronesPart2DMH14 GayOfThronesPart2DMH19

The first round was all about Paul pillaging Dato. Yes, Dato deliciously blows him, then we see Paul taking charge and he claims Dato’s ass with his sword as he sticks it into his ass as if to sheath his blade.

GayOfThronesPart2DMH08 GayOfThronesPart2DMH18

It all ends with Dato claiming Paul’s hot ass with his own sword. Honestly, I’m not quite sure whether Paul enjoys serving as the sheath. He seems more comfortable plunging his sword into Dato’s scabbard. Regardless, he has the tool for those of you who’d love to stick your own sword into it. 🙂

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