Cum Right In

Today on, gay porn stars Phenix Saint, Connor Maguire, and Colby Keller have come together to perform in a cum-shooting-worthy gay sex video that builds up without any words uttered.

What helps? Apart from their smoking hot bodies and handsome faces? The techno music in the background. I mean…to see Phenix Saint wearing a black tank in the beginning of this video playing with his dick at the sound of that techno music, is quite the perfect hors d’oeuvre to the entrée. Not long after that, we see Connor Maguire looking through one of the squares of that wooden pallet.

CumRightInDMH23 CumRightInDMH01 CumRightInDMH05

Now if you’re a gay porn lover like many who browse my website, Connor Maguire is no stranger in the world of gay sex. He happens to also have one of those lucky guys gifted with a baby face but with a herculean body. You should see him in many kissing scenes with Phenix and Colby, and I bet you’d start fondling your own erection. 🙂


Like Connor, Colby Keller is equipped with the all American male looks. He fits the profile of the typical gay fantasy, whether you pitch or catch doesn’t really matter. The boy can fill in the gaping hole to satisfy a fantasy. He’d look good doing either, no doubt.

Also, these gay porn stars are so experienced that they know NOT to overact the fucking scenes. It’s just the right facial expressions, the perfect moan, and overall sensual reaction. 🙂

CumRightInDMH09 CumRightInDMH17 rp_CumRightInDMH18-1024x682.jpg

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