Gay of Thrones – Part 1

Are you a big fan of that HBO hit show Game of Thrones? Well, if the answer is ‘yes’ then you will absolutely love the gay porn parody has produced this week! Just by looking at gay porn stars Abraham Al Malek, you’ll know that he portrays Khal Drogo, and Toby Dutch plays the male version of khaleesi.

This is like a dream come true! I have always fantasized about what it feels seeing Khal Drogo in all his masculine glory when I watch that TV show. This gay sex parody is as close it gets. Portraying him in the midst of a hot gay sex scene calls for a nut busting later on! You’re absolutely free to do the same. 🙂

Will the sequel feature a parody of Jon Snow or Jamie Lannister, perhaps? I hope they do!


GayOfThronesDMH08 GayOfThronesDMH11

II particularly enjoyed the part where Abraham gives Toby a very hot rimming. I mean the guy is really talented with that tongue. One can’t help fantasizing what that would feel like on his own. Watch the clip and you’ll know exactly what I’m saying here!


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