Recruits Trouble – Part 4 on Gay War Games

Remember this soldier on Gay War Games who ended up being punished by his superior in part 3? Well, his punishment continues. The superior keeps treating the soldier roughly but he’s just warming up. Now he wants to take his humiliation further. He sticks his dick into his mouth and tells the poor twink soldier to suck it. The soldier complies. This only fires up the superior’s appetite. He then instructs the poor soldier to bend over so he can fuck his tight hole until he remembers who the boss is. He keeps on pounding until he shoots wads of cum into the twink’s face.

recruitstroubles_i4-01 recruitstroubles_i4-02 recruitstroubles_i4-03 recruitstroubles_i4-04 recruitstroubles_i4-05 recruitstroubles_i4-06 recruitstroubles_i4-07 recruitstroubles_i4-08 recruitstroubles_i4-09

Watch all of this on Gay War Games!

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